City Restrictions: A Shared Responsibility

The City thanks community members for their continued cooperation and understanding regarding facility closures.

The temporary closures of City ball diamonds, basketball courts, sports fields and other facilities are unpopular with many folks. Decisions like these are tough to make. But for us to overcome the serious threat that COVID-19 poses to our community, these decisions must stand.

Some have asked why, in addition to closing facilities, the City is also removing basketball rims and nets. This extra measure is meant to further discourage people from continuing to use City-owned facilities despite the closures. We also hope that these steps underscore the importance of physical distancing, keeping groups small, and sticking to the plan.

How long will community recreational spaces be closed in Wetaskiwin? To be honest, we don’t yet know.

Like all Albertans, the province’s staged re-entry strategy gives us hope. But hope has little value without the consistent follow-through of the public health rules that the province laid out in the days and weeks prior to this new strategy. It is the City’s responsibility to put these rules into practice, and it is our shared responsibility as community members to follow them.

The City will consider relaxing restrictions and reopening facilities in tandem with similar measures from the province. Based on the patterns we’ve seen, we anticipate the relaunch to mirror the shutdown. In other words, the last facility closed will likely be the first facility to reopen. In the meantime, these necessary, precautionary measures need to hold fast in order to control the spread of COVID-19 in our community, across our province and worldwide.

Our best way though this is together. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

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