Plastic Bag Ban Temporarily Suspended

Business Supports

The Director of Emergency Management has suspended enforcement of the City's plastic bag ban.

At the March 24, 2020 Special City Council meeting, Council amended the Plastic Checkout Bag Ban Bylaw (1954-20) to include a clause allowing the Director of Emergency Management to suspend enforcement of the bylaw if there is a reason to do so in order to protect the public.

Single-use plastic bags can be provided by businesses to customers until further notice. Enforcement of the bylaw will resume once the pandemic is over.

Wetaskiwin City Council passed the Plastic Checkout Bag Bylaw at their regular October 9, 2018 City Council Meeting. The plastic bag ban is now in effect locally (as of July 9, 2019). The following is now in effect:

Wetaskiwin was the second community in Alberta to ban single-use plastic bags!