The City has passed a bylaw that makes it MANDATORY to wear a face covering in indoor public areas (and public vehicles) when 15 or more active COVID-19 cases are reported in the community.

Regardless of the bylaw, we all should remain mindful of the importance of masks, distancing, and the health precautions we know so well.

Enhanced Status

masks mandatory

The mask bylaw does not apply while you’re seated at your table eating or drinking. Kids under 2 or patrons with underlying conditions or disabilities are also exempt.

Try to keep a 2-meter distance from others outside your cohort.

Enforcement May Vary

City businesses must display a sign in a visible location notifying patrons of the mask bylaw, but it’s not their job to enforce the byaw. Proprietors have the discretion to deny entry or grant exceptions as they see fit.

masks mandatory

Organizers and congregants alike must mask up. Masks can be removed during communion or other rituals, but must be put back on immediately afterward.
VIEW BYLAW 1073-20
Heading Outdoors

masks advised

Masks aren’t required outdoors, but it’s still a good idea to wear one. Try keeping discretionary travel (shopping, social visits, etc.) to an absolute minimum.

When around others, be mindful of the 2-metre distance rule.


masks mandatory

Taking a taxi or ride share? You need to mask up. Again, kids under 2 or persons with disabilities can ride maskless.

Numbers Must Go Lower and Stay There

Even when active cases drop below 15, the mandatory mask bylaw must still remain in place for 30 days to ensure numbers consistently remain below the threshold.
Heading Outdoors

in all cases

Whether the mask bylaw is in effect or not, it's important to stick to the game plan. Consistent hand washing, mask wearing and our other public health measures are working. Let’s keep it up!

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