City Placed under Watch Status as COVID Cases Rise

Alberta Health Services has confirmed a total of 11 active COVID-19 cases in the City of Wetaskiwin as of end of day October 26. (Update: 22 cases as of November 3, 2020).

Of these active cases, five have been connected to a single-source event, and the remainder are from unknown transmission sources — which increases the likelihood that Wetaskiwin’s number of active COVID-19 cases will continue to increase.

With 11 active cases across a population of 13,248, the City now exceeds the ratio of 50 active cases per 100,000 population ratio that warrants its placement under provincial “watch” designation. (Update: 22 cases as of November 3, 2020). This means that the Province is now monitoring the risk as well as discussing the possible need for additional health measures with City administrators.

In the event that active cases climb to 15, the City’s recently passed Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw will come into effect. Bylaw 1973-20 states that a face covering must be worn at all times in a public premises or a public vehicle, unless the person is separated from other persons by an installed screen, shield, or other barrier.

“Presently, no additional measures are being implemented by the City, but I urge everyone in the community to adhere to the public health measures already in place,” stated Robert Osmond, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Wetaskiwin. “Stay home if you are sick; avoid crowds and maintain physical distancing; wear a mask when in public; and wash your hands frequently. These simple measures are proven to reduces the spread of COVID-19.”

The World Health Organization (WHO), Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta continue to strongly recommend the wearing of face coverings to limit the spread of COVID-19 where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Alberta-wide, AHS has identified 364 new cases on October 23 (based on 16,367 tests), 572 new cases on October 24 (based on 17,106 tests), and 504 new cases on October 25 (based on 12,666 tests).

Continue to refer to this website for information and updates related to the City’s evolving response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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